Binghamton Mayor Matthew Ryan says it might be time to contemplate taking action to prohibit trucks from using the downtown roundabout.

The reconstructed Court Street intersection at Exchange and Chenango streets opened to traffic last August.

Although most drivers have managed to maneuver their vehicles through the roundabout without much difficulty, there have been some exceptions.

Most recently, a man driving a tractor-trailer for Golub Corporation was surprised to learn Court Street was closed for July Fest. Concrete sections of the roundabout and several decorative features sustained extensive damage as the driver tried to guide the rig off Court Street.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Ryan seemed exasperated as he spoke of the heavy damage caused in last Thursday's incident. He said: "It boggles my mind."

The mayor said the roundabout may have to be "closed down to truck traffic" if the problems continue.

Ryan said it might be necessary to designate specific truck routes to keep big vehicles away from the circle.

The mayor said he's seen double tandem trailers navigate the roundabout without a problem. He said the incidents that have occurred over the past several months can be attributed to driver error, not as a result of any design flaw with the intersection.

Ryan said a truck ban may be discussed "if people can't drive properly."