Efforts to develop a spray park facility for children in downtown Binghamton have received a boost with a grant from the Greater Binghamton Rotary Club.

The club is marking its centennial by providing support for local projects.

City officials have been planning a water recreation facility at Columbus Park in an area where a fountain is located.

Funding for the project has proven to be an obstacle. The spray park carried a price tag of $200,000 based on a 2011 estimate.

Binghamton mayor Matthew Ryan says the city has made "great progress" in efforts to improve Columbus Park.

Speaking on WNBF Radio's Binghamton Now program, Ryan said the park's existing fountain can't be used for recreational purposes because of health concerns.

Ryan said he's "very happy" the Rotary Club has made the commitment to contribute to the planned water park facility.

The mayor said the city is looking for other funding sources to make the Columbus Park project a reality.