Binghamton's Restaurant Week, which runs until March 21st, isn't just about dinner. There are terrific lunch deals at some pretty interesting and charming restaurants like The Whole in the Wall on South Washington Street on Binghamton's Southside.Participating restaurants for the week offer lunch deals for $10 or less and dinner deals for $25 or less featuring menus of select items.

Now, back to the Whole in the Wall. The natural food eatery with the giant, round window in front, offers a wide variety of international foods and comfort favorites like chili. Yes, they serve delicious vegetarian items (yay for me!) but they also have organic beef and chicken dishes as well.

For my lunch with Lee Ann Taylor from 99.1 The Whale, we both enjoyed the creamy mushroom soup that is beyond compare. I followed with a giant, half of a whole wheat pita stuffed full with vegetables, sprouts and falafel. (Lee Ann even took a taste, and was surprised she loved it!) Lee Ann went for the pita pizza topped with the Whole in the Wall's famous original pesto and cheese. My desert was a refreshing mango sorbet while my lunch-date dug into the rasberry, chocolate chip brownie sundae.

We didn't sample it at this lunch, but, word to the wise, you have got try super-cool, super delicious garlic ball! Trust me.

Everyone at the Whole in the Wall treated us like princesses we are, even reserving a cozy booth for us when they were told we were coming.

The food is delicious. The staff attentive and the service excellent!

The restaurant has been around for over 20 years and is open Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can be called for reservations or take-out at (607) 722-5138.

It had been years since I had been there but I know I won't wait so long to visit again.