An experiment, started to promote Binghamton restaurants and to give people the chance to try eateries they may never have visited before at a bargain price, continues to grow.

The Fall 2013 Restaurant Week in Binghamton runs September 17-26.

Patrons are being treated during the 10 days to select three-course meals priced at just $10 for lunch and $25 or less for dinner.

A portion of the proceeds from each Restaurant Week meal sold will be donated to the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse, CHOW.

Restaurant Week started in March, 2010 with seven locations. 24 locally owned Binghamton restaurants are participating in this 8th edition. One of the additions to the event this year is the Galaxy Brewing Company, one of the new micro breweries sprouting up in Binghamton.

The success of past events is being touted by City of Binghamton officials as a great economic boost to the entire area with participating restaurants through the ten day periods reporting a huge jump in business.

More information on the participating restaurants can be found at