An investigation started after a traffic stop on Binghamton's West Side resulted in the arrest of four people on felony charges and the seizure of heroin.

Authorities say they also confiscated $2,932 in cash and a Cadillac as part of the operation.

Police say a man was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance after heroin was found during the traffic stop about a week ago.

Investigators used information developed from that stop to track down more heroin in Binghamton and Johnson City.

Police arrested 45-year-old Jorge Ornes of Chapin Street. They say he was in possession of 100 packets of heroin.

Also arrested were 35-year-old Demetrius Drummond and 22-year-old Sharon Ogando of Ackley Avenue in Johnson City. They were in possession of 380 packets of heroin.

Police also arrested 34-year-old Damien Ellison of Cleveland Avenue in Binghamton. Investigators say they recovered 180 packets of heroin from his residence.

All four suspects were charged with felony criminal possession of a controlled substance.