Binghamton Police Chief Joseph Zikusky says it's a stroke of luck that a Binghamton police officer, who was shot at point-blank range Christmas morning, suffered only a minor injury.

The shooter, identified as 20 year old Roberto Garcia, who was born in Cuba, was fatally shot by officers returning fire after Garcia shot at them.

Officers were responding to a report of suspicious men in the area of Livingston Street and Conklin Avenue at around 2:30 a.m. the 25th when Garcia ran across Memorial Bridge, firing a .38 revolver at police.

Zikusky says Garcia discharged 6 rounds, hitting an officer in the ear with one shot.

Garcia was shot three times but one of the rounds was not from a police firearm.

Chief Zikusky says Garcia had been arrested over a half dozen times over the past year and a half on misdemeanor counts and efforts had been made to deport him. Officials in Cuba, however, had denied access.

The Chief says the names of the officers involved in the incident are not being released as death threats have been made against them.