Binghamton Police Department

Binghamton detectives are trying to find the two men who attacked a West Side store employee before robbing the business.

Police have released surveillance video showing the robbers assaulting a worker at Silver and Gold Expressions at 348 Main Street. The men stole jewelry from the store.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Investigators say the incident happened early Friday evening.

Detective Captain Jack Collins told WNBF News the employee was "roughed up" but he was not seriously hurt. Collins said the worker sustained some scratches but otherwise was uninjured.

Although the employee appears motionless on the floor during the video segment released by police, Collins said the man was being compliant and was not unconscious.

Investigators caution the video contains graphic images. The surveillance images have been posted to the Binghamton Police Department Facebook page.

Collins said people with information about the robbery may contact the police detective division at 607.772.7080.