The city of Binghamton's repaving plans have been disrupted by an equipment problem.

Mayor Matthew Ryan says the asphalt paver being used for the street projects is out of service because of mechanical issues.

A part needed to repair the paver has been ordered from an Oklahoma company but its delivery has been delayed because of recent tornado damage in the region.

A section of State Street between Court and Hawley streets was milled last week and a base layer of asphalt is in place.

The repaving of that block had been expected to be completed by last Friday but it's been delayed because of the paver breakdown.

City officials are urging drivers using that block and other milled streets to exercise caution because elevated manhole covers and water valve boxes pose potential hazards.

Other streets affected by the paving delays include Susquehanna, Tompkins, South Washington, Guilfoyle and Esther.

Although paving has been delayed, milling operations are proceeding as the public works department tries to maintain its street improvement schedule.