Binghamton officials decided repairs to the main level of the State Street parking facility couldn't wait until spring.

A hole in the concrete was discovered during a biannual inspection of the downtown parking ramps earlier this month.

Parking spaces on the street level and on the first underground level were removed from service after the condition was spotted.

City engineer Philip Krey told WNBF News that a contractor was hired to do the repair work to enable the parking spaces to reopen.

Krey said it was decided to have the repairs done now instead of waiting for warmer weather because there was "full penetration" in the concrete floor of the garage. The hole opened up just a few yards from the parking ramp exit.

Krey said the work is being done by Albert Torto Construction Corporation. He said the work is expected to cost under three-thousand dollars.

Krey expects the parking spaces that have been closed because of the problem will be back in use later this week. He said it will take some time for the concrete to cure before the spaces can be return to service.