A Binghamton man is free after being cleared in the brutal murder of a Bronx man in a drug deal gone bad.

A Broome County Jury has found Joseph Ross-Jones not guilty in the death of 27 year old Daniel Martinez.

Jones and Daniel Doherty were accused of shooting Martinez and stabbing him over 40 times because they could not pay $16,000 they owed him and his associate in Arizona for marijuana.

Doherty testified against Jones. But the defense argued he lied about Jones' role in the killing in exchange for a lesser charge of manslaughter.  Doherty claimed the killing was all Jones' idea. He did admit, however, to shooting Martinez twice and slashing his throat.

While Jones is free, Doherty is awaiting sentencing for his role in the killing.

Martinez' body was found in the woods in the Town of Chenango by hunters in October, 2011.