Gasoline prices across the Southern Tier have dropped slightly over the past few weeks but drivers still are paying more than a year ago.

According to the AAA's "Daily Fuel Gauge Report," the average current pump price of a gallon of regular in the Binghamton area is $3.672. That's nearly 17 cents a gallon above the average price recorded a year earlier.

Average gas prices across the region have fallen about eight cents a gallon over the past month.

Prices in Pennsylvania are significantly lower than in New York state. Based on the current AAA report, the New York state average is $3.735. That's about 26 cents a gallon higher than the current Pennsylvania average price.

Drivers can find some price breaks if they shop around. Prices posted today on show a range of 30 cents a gallon at stations around Broome and Tioga counties.

Many gas stations now offer discounts for those who use cash instead of credit cards.