Bob Joseph/WNBF News [file][/caption]City of Binghamton Mayor Richard David, Assistant Police Chief David Eggleston and City Public Works Commissioner Gary Holms say the City is taking steps to continue to recover from the 5th snowfall of 2014 that has severely narrowed streets in the municipality. 

There have been countless calls recently from authorities trying track down owners of cars that are illegally or even legally parked on the streets, making it impossible for emergency vehicles or even buses or garbage trucks to pass.

Public works crews are hoping for a few days of snow-free weather to be able to clear streets closer to curbs.

Residents are reminded to follow the alternate side of the street winter parking rules and, if possible, park vehicles off the streets entirely to allow for snow removal.

In addition to widening the street access, city officials have been hoping to knock down some of the piled up snow at intersections and other areas where drivers’ view is being reduced.