A frozen water line burst in a downtown Binghamton building, causing damage to the lower levels of the structure.

City fire department units were sent to 98 State Street shortly after ten o'clock this morning.

Assistant fire chief Larry Ostanek told WNBF News a sprinkler line on the second floor of the building ruptured.

Thousands of gallons of water leaked from the broken pipe to the street level and below.

Ostanek said the Rathskeller bar in the attached building wound up with several inches of water on the floor.

The fire department notified city building officials.

Ostanek said the water appeared to have caused some damage to the electrical system.

The assistant fire chief said city officials will have to inspect the property before it can be reoccupied.

Ostanek said the case illustrates the importance of keeping buildings sufficiently heated during the winter.

Binghamton city officials last month issued an advisory to owners of vacant buildings to be sure thermostats are set to at least 55 degrees to guard against frozen pipes

Residents may notify the water department about vacant buildings so officials may determine whether water service has been turned off. The department's number is 607.772.7210.