Barring any mayoral vetoes, homeowners in the City of Binghamton will be paying .13% more in property taxes and commercial, non-homestead property owners will pay .84% more.

City Council has unanimously approved a spending plan that cut between $75,000 and $90,000 from the ledger proposed by Mayor Matthew Ryan.

The plan still adds ten jobs to the city payroll.  Three police officers, two firefighters and five positions in economic development and code enforcement are being created under the $88.5  plan. No jobs were cut, but some proposed salaries for the fiscal year were trimmed and council decided the City could do without one unmarked police car.

Mayor Ryan has a week to look over council’s changes and decide if he wants to exercise his line-item veto power.

If there are any mayoral vetoes, council would have until the final budget filing of November 25 to try to override.

The new budget would take effect January