Gasoline prices in the Southern Tier have started to drop slightly in recent days but the average remains above four dollars a gallon.

According to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report, the average price for a gallon of regular in the Binghamton market is $4.092. That's down four-tenths of a cent compared to Sunday's average price but it's still about 53 cents higher than a year ago.

Average gas prices in the Binghamton region are up almost 12 cents a gallon compared to a month ago.

While prices at the pump remain high across New York state, they're about 70 cents a gallon lower than in some parts of California.

According to the AAA daily price report, today's average price for a gallon of regular in the San Francisco market is $4.74.

Gas stations operated by Costco and some other companies in California were closed for a time late last week because of rapidly increasing prices.

Some stations were charging nearly six dollars a gallon for premium grades of gasoline.