Through December, Foodie Friday recipes will be all about party foods. All recipes will be nice, easy little bites. This is a cookie-free zone!

Note: at the end of today's recipe, I'll give you some suggestions for variations.


1 chicken breast, cooked and shredded

2 to 3 Tbl. bottled barbeque sauce

1/2 block cream cheese, softened

3 large flour tortillas

Mix the barbeque sauce with the shredded chicken, adding more if the mixture appears too dry. Spread cream cheese on the flour tortillas, getting as close to the edges as you can since it will help seal the tortilla. Starting about an inch from the edge, spoon a line of the chicken mixture the length of the tortilla. You can also put another line of barbeque sauce on top.  Roll the tortilla as tightly as you can to make a log.  Chill for about a half hour to make the roll easier to cut then slice with a serrated knife into disks about 1/3 inch thick. I got about 12 pinwheels per log.

Some variations: My original recipe was with a simple shrimp salad with finely diced celery, mild green chilis, Old Bay seasoning and cocktail sauce along with the tortillas and cream cheese. That's what I served Kansas at Spiedie Fest and they asked me to go on the road with them!

Another Idea is pulled pork! You could even top your line of barbeque pork with coleslaw and roll it up.

Be creative and have fun!