For the past eight years and over 371 shows Linda and Mark Dickinson hosted a one-hour program from 9-10 AM on News Radio 1290 WNBF.  The show, "At Home With The Dickinsons" provided updates on the local and national real estate market as well as tips and advice on home improvements and maintenance. They did their final broadcast this morning on WNBF.  They plan to re-locate to North Carolina to be closer to family.

On many occasions the duo would have guests on to discuss topics concerning financing and mortgage procedures, the need for an attorney in the purchase process, home inspections and driveway installation and maintenance.

As real estate agents they offered their clients the opportunity to have their home sale marketed on radio as well as alerting potential buyers of open houses in the community each weekend.

Over the course of their eight years on the air they helped promote numerous charitable and community fund-raising efforts and would take their show on location for broadcasts around the area as well.

All of us at News Radio 1290 WNBF wish them the best and thank them for providing a great service to us and to the community.  WNBF will announce a replacement program when plans are finalized.

WNBF News/ Roger Neel Photo