National Adopt a Greyhound Month is celebrated each April to call attention to the need to find loving homes for retired racing dogs.

According to The Greyhound Project, 11 greyhound tracks have closed around the nation in the past three years, many due to legislation to end the practice of dog racing. Other tracks have been closed due to a fall-off in attendance and revenue. More tracks are expected to close in the future as Florida looks at possibly no longer tieing video gaming with greyhound racing.

Retired racing greyhounds make wonderful family pets and are calm and quiet dogs that just want to be loved.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that greyhounds like to run and need lots of room. That's far from the truth since greyhounds take their retirement very seriously and would prefer lying around on a comfy bed or sofa. That's why they are called '40 mile an hour couch potatoes.'

Monica's Heart Greyhound Adoption has successfully placed hundreds of dogs in homes in the Binghamton area, Sidney, Corning and in Pennsylvania where the not-for-profit agency is headquartered in Altoon.

More information about greyhounds and adoptions can be found at or through The Greyhound Project a