A Binghamton businessman says he wants to run for mayor.

45-year-old Edward Hickey plans to announce his candidacy for the Republican nomination next week.

Campaign manager Quintin Maidment said Hickey manages Fitzie's Irish Pub and the Belmar Pub, both located on Main Street in Binghamton.

Maidment said Hickey was born in Endicott. He lives on Binghamton's West Side.

Hickey's formal announcement is scheduled for next Wednesday evening at American Legion Post 80 at 76 Main Street.

This week, Richard David, who was the Republican candidate for mayor in 2009, made it known that he'll seek the party's nomination this year. In February, David had announced he'd decided not to run this year because of past tax issues. But he said residents convinced him to change his mind.

Speaking on WNBF's Binghamton Now program Wednesday morning, David said he's prepared for a primary battle to win the nomination to run as the Republican candidate in the November election.

City council president Teri Rennia has announced she's running as a Democratic candidate for mayor.