The Democratic Candidate for Broome County Executive, Tarik Abdelazim, is calling Debbie Preston's proposed BC Transit fare changes unfair and reckless.

Abdelazim said he he was "shocked to learn the details of Preston's budget plan for BC Transit."  He says the changes would create extreme hardship on low-income families, seniors, and students.  Abdelazim pointed out that the new plan would eliminate the monthly unlimited ride pass as well as the discounted fares for seniors and students.

Abdelazim says if elected he would create a Public Transit Task Force that would develop a plan to make the BC Transit service user-friendly and more affordable.

According to Adbelazim, Preston's plan would increase monthly fares for most residents by as much as three times what they pay now.

In response, Preston's campaign says that a small fair increase is the only way to battle the rising costs facing the transit system and that her administration has held public meetings on the issue.