The Delaware Valley Humane Society is taking care of the dark brindle mastiff that was found by New York State Police November 7th at the side of Route 28 in the town of Franklin in Delaware County. The dog had been abandoned with its food and water dishes.

Humane Society staff say the male is probably about a year to a year and a half old and was in fairly good shape. He's unneutered and will be making a visit to the veterinarian soon to take care of that and to have a health evaulation.

Staff says while the foundling is being described as a mastiff, he's a little on the small side, so he may be a mixed breed.

As can be expected, given his circumstances, the shelter says the canine currently has some separation anxiety issues.

The Delaware Valley Humane Society is a no kill shelter and a spokeswoman is offering assurances that the big brindle boy will be getting good care at their facility until a good home can be found.

More information on the Delaware Valley Humane Society is available on their website More pictures of the abandoned dog are also available on the shelter's facebook account @delawarevalleyhumane.