Navigating through some sections of downtown Binghamton is a bit challenging as city crews prepare to repave parts of several heavily-traveled streets.

Portions of State, Henry, Chenango and Carroll streets have been milled in recent days.

Drivers and pedestrians are exercising caution as they cope with an obstacle course of raised manhole covers and high curb cuts.

Caravans of BC Transit buses stir up big dust clouds along their downtown routes.

Motorcyclists and bicyclists also have to slow down and pay attention to where they're going.

Things are especially challenging for people who use wheelchairs or scooters to get around.

One man who was utilizing a wheelchair to travel on a downtown sidewalk Thursday evening complained to WNBF News about the difficulty of maneuvering because of steep drop offs at some intersections.

He recalled an incident earlier this summer in a work zone in which his wheelchair became stuck at a downtown street corner for an extended time. Finally, he said, a passerby came to his aid and lifted the wheelchair out of a deep rut.

The man said he had hoped street paving would be completed more quickly after milling operations were finished.