People who work and shop in downtown Binghamton soon will have a few more on-street parking spaces. But they'll be in a new configuration that may cause a bit of confusion for some drivers.

As part of the Court Street Gateway Project, a dozen back-in diagonal parking spaces are to be created with pavement markings.

Initial measurements and spray-painted outlines have been completed for the parking plan on a section of Court Street.

While the parking pattern is being introduced downtown, a similar configuration has been in use on a section of Conklin Avenue on the South Side.

The revised parking spaces may be greeted with some relief by drivers who dislike parallel parking.

According to the city's plan for the Gateway project, 24 benches are to be put into place along Court Street.

Streetscaping for the project area is to include 44 trees, along with a thousand shrubs and flowers.

Drivers who travel through the downtown are must continue to be alert for traffic pattern changes and detours as the project enters its final stages.