Two Susquehanna County men are accused of conspiring in a convenience store robbery and falsely reporting a crime.

Pennsylvania State Police say 25 year old Kenneth Groover of New Milford, who was employed as a clerk at the Sunoco off State Route 848 in New Milford, is accused of gesturing to a person outside the store at around 6 a.m. November 26, just seconds before a robber held the business up.

State Police claim Groover and his friend, the alleged robber, 21 year old David Calla of Hallstead conspired to commit the crime.

Troopers say they were called to the location by the store manager then Groover, the clerk, told them a man had walked into the store wearing a black mask and told him to fill a pillow case with money from the cash register.

Investigators say a check of the surveillance video showed Groover making a gesture with his head just before the supposed robber walked in.

Both Groover and Calla were sent to the Susquehanna County Jail.